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Set Up

Statcom Systems is able to carry out an on-site survey that will identify the essential safety measures present and their locations. Contractors and inspectors are then assigned to carry out the maintenance and testing of each essential safety measures item identified.

The collected data is entered into an ESIS database by Statcom Systems and Essential Services Manuals are created for each site. Each customised manual includes the following information:

  • Owner Details
  • Building Details
  • Essential Safety Measures Equipment List
  • Maintenance Contractor Details
  • Inspection Standards and Frequencies
  • A 12 Month Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection Records
  • Annual Essential Safety Measures Report
A contractor briefing session is established to advise the specialist contractors what is required from them in order that correct record keeping procedures are adopted.

Compliance Management

Essential Safety Measures Compliance can be managed by Statcom Systems in the following way:

  • Inspection Records and Reports are sent to the assigned Contractors and Inspectors by email
  • The required task is carried out and the Inspection Report is returned to Statcom Systems to allow for the updating of the building database
  • A Compliance Status Report is sent to the client monthly which identifies tasks which are either Current, Completed, needing Follow-up or are Overdue
  • The Client can elect to follow up delinquent contractors themselves or have Statcom Systems do this on their behalf


There are four categories of Essential Services which require routine inspections

  • Fire equipment
  • Electrical fittings
  • Air Conditioning/Mechanical Ventilation systems
  • Paths of Egress and Passive Fire Elements

Specialist companies are normally contracted to carry out the first three, whilst the client or Statcom Systems can carry out the Quarterly Paths Of Travel/Exit Door Inspections and the Annual Passive Fire Element inspections.

Annual Reports

The Essential Services Manuals will have included a copy of an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report. For Victoria this will be a Annual Essential Safety Measures Report, whilst reports for other Australian States and New Zealand are also available. These are required to be signed by the Building Owner or the Owner's Agent after each 12 month period.

Statcom Systems can be engaged to check that the on-site records are complete and to determine if all Essential Safety Measures are operating and have been maintained during the past 12 months. These checks will be necessary before the Annual Essential Services Report can be signed on behalf of the Owner.

Other Services

Statcom Systems can be engaged to provide the following additional services

  • Evacuation Plans and Exercises
  • Audit of on-site manuals
  • Training of Inspectors for Paths of Travel, Exit Doors and Passive Fire Element inspections
  • BCA Compliance Audits
  • Manuals for Specialist Industries e.g., Aged Care, Schools, Shopping Centres, Councils etc.

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