Starting in 1998, Statcom Systems and associated entities have developed leading systems and services to help building owners and managers to meet their mandatory essential safety measures compliance obligations.

More recently, Statcom has expanded compliance systems and services to cover emergency management planning and response readiness for clients.

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Fire Training and evacuation


Over 25,000 buildings using our systems and services.

  • Health & Aged Care

  • Property Management

  • Councils & Government

  • Commercial & Industrial

  • Schools & Tertiary Education

  • Body Corporate

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  • Retail

Essential Safety Measures

Essential safety measures are the fire and life safety measures required in non-residential buildings and facilities in Australia.

Building owners and managers are required to ensure that essential safety measures are kept in good working order and maintained to prescribed standards and frequencies. Maintenance records are required to be kept for audit or investigation purposes.

Regulation can vary between states with some states requiring annual reporting to authorities.

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Emergency Management

Building owners and managers are responsible for the safety of people on their premises.

Regulations and standards require facilities to appoint and equip emergency personnel and prepare emergency management plans to ensure they are ready to act in the case of an for an incident or emergency.

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