What Are Essential Safety Measures

Essential safety measures are the fire and safety measures required to be installed and maintained in all non-residential buildings in Australia.

There are over 50 defined essential safety measures covering different aspects of fire and safety.

fire extinguisher training

Some examples of Safety Measures include:

  • Exit Doors

  • Early Warning Systems

  • Emergency Lifts

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Power Supply

  • Emergency Warning Systems

  • Exit Signs

  • Fire Control Centres

  • Fire Curtains And Doors

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Fire Isolated Stairs

  • Fire Rated Materials

  • Fire Windows

  • Mechanical Ventilation

    (incorporate a cooling tower or hot or warm water system)

  • Fire Isolated Passageways And Ramps

  • Paths Of Travel To Exits

  • Smoke Alarms

  • Smoke Control Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems

What Facility Owners & Managers Need To Do

office of emergency management
  1. Record and maintain essential safety measures to prescribed standards and frequencies
  2. Keep maintenance records and documents for evidence or investigation purposes
  3. Complete and submit annual compliance reports to authorities where required


Essential safety measures specialists conduct a site survey to determine the equipment and service requirements in each building or facility

Enter data into LINKFM Compliance Management Software

Generate hard copy and/or online maintenance schedules and records


Establish maintenance and task reporting procedures

Assign and instruct maintenance staff and contractors

Carry out tasks and complete or report issues and defects

Rectify issues and defects

Review compliance status and escalate overdue tasks


Annual compliance audit and reporting

Complete and submit annual compliance reporting to authorities where required

Our Services

Compliance Management Setup

  • Maintenance Determinations

  • Essential Safety Measures Manual

  • LINKFM Online Compliance Software

Essential safety measures software
Essential safety measures manual

Compliance Management Services

  • Develop Procedures

  • Staff and contractor training and instruction

  • Inspect and test nominated fire elements

  • Compliance management and reporting

  • Contractor management

Compliance Audit & Reporting

  • Annual compliance audit

  • Annual statutory compliance reporting

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