Managing Compliance in School Facilities Is Serious Business

Fire and safety compliance in school facilities is a serious business which should be undertaken for a number of important reasons including good governance, duty of care and self preservation.

Above all, mandatory maintenance of Essential fire Safety Measures in buildings and facilities can mean the difference between life and death.

In practice, schools are considered high risk facilities due to the size of facilities and the large numbers of vulnerable occupants and children.

School business and facility managers and executives are responsible and accountable for the safety of facilities and occupants. Failure to comply can result in fines and prosecution for individuals and the school itself.

More recently some states have introduced laws which could see criminal and industrial manslaughter charges where an incident occurs resulting in serious injury or death.

The LinkFM from Statcom is a great tool…As the name implies, essential fire & safety measures are the fire and life safety measures required in all schools to help protect people and property in the event of a fire or emergency.

Essential Safety Measures include fire detection and suppression equipment, emergency lighting and warning systems as well as clear emergency access and egress for occupants and responders.

Maintenance of Essential Safety Measures in schools has been mandatory for more than 25 years now. In that time compliance systems and services have come a long way.

Best practice compliance systems are now online software which manage compliance in real time from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

“The LinkFM from Statcom is a great tool”

One of our school clients was telling us that she was able to monitor for Essential Safety Measures compliance for her school in Melbourne, while on a bus on a work trip in London recently.

Compliance can be made easy with the right systems and resources.

The keys to compliance are:

  1. Identify and document essential safety measures in all school buildings and facilities
  2. Determine maintenance requirements according to regulations and standards
  3. Engage competent and qualified maintenance and service persons
  4. Implement good compliance systems, policies and processes
  5. Schedule and assign maintenance tasks
  6. Issue maintenance tasks including defect and rectification tasks
  7. Monitor for compliance at all times
  8. Keep good records for audit and evidence purposes
  9. Audit annually for compliance and complete and sign annual compliance reports where required under state regulations

“Our client was able to access the LINKFM from a London bus”

Manage compliance from anywhere in the world, including a London bus

Started in 1998, Statcom Systems recognised the importance of fire and safety compliance and the need for simple compliance software and services for building and facility managers to apply to manage compliance.

Developed over the past 20+ years, the LINKFM Compliance Software is a well established and proven system used in over 35,000 buildings throughout Australia including many schools and educational facilities..

LINKFM helps facility managers monitor compliance in real time as well as making compliance tasks and record keeping easier for service personnel, saving valuable time, resources and maintenance budgets.

More information is available from these government web pages:

We are continually on the lookout for ideas and feedback for improvements and emerging needs in managing compliance in facilities.

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Chris Keech

Operations Manager

Statcom Systems Pty Ltd

Chris has over 15 years industry experience managing our Essential Safety Measures team providing specialist consulting and compliance management services to clients throughout Australia. Statcom Systems products and services are used in over 35,000 buildings in a wide range of sectors including schools, aged care, health, industrial and commercial buildings and facilities.